Pensions & Aging

Strategy and Finance

Our pension experts understand strategy, design, finance, and administration.

The Terry Group brings considerable expertise to both private and public-sector pension systems. Our independence and objectivity are especially valued in our public-sector pension evaluation, audit and reform work.


The Terry Group helps clients deal with challenging defined benefit plan compliance complexities. For example, our interest rate/yield and mortality experts help clients understand the relevant intricacies of actuarial equivalence.

Healthy Aging

The Terry Group promotes efforts associated with healthy aging through its support of Professor Jay Olshansky, PhD and his research and public policy efforts.

In addition, we are helping Professor Olshansky’s efforts to take his research into the insurance and related domains via Lapetus Solutions, an insurance start-up.

Global Aging Studies

Global aging is the name for the emerging demographic transformation that will lead undoubtedly to a reshaping of virtually every aspect of our public and private lives.

The Terry Group partners with and supports the research efforts of the Global Aging Institute. Dr. Richard Jackson, the GAI’s CEO, serves as Senior Advisor to The Terry Group on private studies at the international, national, regional, local and corporate levels.