Dealing confidently with uncertainty.

We can’t get rid of uncertainty, but we can deal with it more effectively. The Terry Group applies actuarial and analytics expertise to generate insights and drive decisions.


The Terry Group provides expert advice and analysis in healthcare, insurance, pensions and investments.

“Give us a tough problem. We go beyond conventional approaches—and we don’t settle for comfortable solutions. We blend quality and commitment to do whatever it takes.”

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It’s not just numbers and data. It’s our language.

Actuarial science borrows from multiple disciplines — mathematics, statistics, health sciences, demography, economics, and behavioral finance. We weave these together intelligently to yield practical outcomes.

Our clients

We serve clients across a wide variety of industries and in both the public and private sectors.


We conduct and facilitate research in capital markets, healthcare, mortality and mortality improvement, demography and behavioral economics.

Data science: It’s all about the unexpected.

Conventional analytics too often confirm what we already think we know. It takes discipline to let go of preconceptions.