Tom Donlon
Healthcare Strategy

Tom is a consulting actuary with more than 30 years of experience specializing in the healthcare area. He works with a wide range of clients including healthcare providers, insurers, public entities, and employers. Tom assists his clients by helping them develop, implement and exceed their strategic business goals and objectives.

Tom manages a wide variety of consulting engagements for stakeholders in the healthcare industry. Projects for these clients include evaluating the financial and risk implications of value-based arrangements, developing health and dental rating models, filing premium rates with state departments of insurance, analyzing the financial implications of private insurance exchanges, determining retiree claim liabilities, analyzing claim experience for unit cost and utilization trends, negotiating on behalf of administrators, providers, employers and insurers, developing funding and risk management strategies and evaluating the effectiveness of managed care strategies. Tom also provides actuarial certifications for welfare benefit plans, voluntary employees’ beneficiary associations, state Medicaid programs and insurance companies.

Drawing on his experience with many aspects of the healthcare industry, Tom has served as an expert witness and litigation consultant on numerous celebrated cases.

Tom is a fully credentialed actuary. He serves and has served in various board and leadership capacities with industry, healthcare plans, and public policy groups with a focus on healthcare.