Charles F. Larimer
Risk and Predictive Analytics

Charles has over 40 years of experience consulting in the healthcare industry. His clients include employers, hospitals and physician groups. He consults on predictive analytics health modeling, pharmacy controlled substances studies, incurred but not reported (IBNR) reserves including PMPM trend analysis and analysis of changes in claim payment patterns, primary care capitation development and analysis, physician fee schedule analysis and development, analysis of risk and bonus arrangements, analysis of IPA and PHO claims, and benefit variation cost analysis.

Charles was previously a partner with Bob Gold & Associates, Inc. until it was acquired by Ernst and Young in 1999. Bob Gold & Associates, Inc. served over one hundred HMOs, PPOs and Insurance companies, as well as numerous PHOs, physician groups, and hospitals adapting and operating in a managed care environment. Prior to that he was an Officer at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, and Manager of Pricing at CNA Insurance Company in Chicago.

Charles is a fully credentialed actuary. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics from University of Iowa.