Luca Vismara
Data Science and Deep Learning

Luca works as a senior data scientist in Terry Health’s Singapore office, working on innovative strategies and solutions primarily within the healthcare space. He brings deep and broad experience in data science and analytics, with particular expertise in unearthing patterns and narratives within data.

Building on his academic background, Luca applies the power of interdisciplinary approaches and data-driven problem solving to work on impactful real-world problems.

Luca is an avid traveler. His explorations in over 40 countries, living and studying across diverse cultures, have given him a global perspective and an open-minded approach to challenges and innovations.

Previously, Luca was at Singapore Airlines, optimizing operational workflows and doing predictive analytics. Luca holds an interdisciplinary PhD in complexity from Nanyang Technological University and a Master’s in physics from the University of Milan.