Munzoor Shaikh
EVP Customer Success, Healthcare & Terry Ventures

Munzoor is an innovation and transformation leader working with healthcare organizations to optimize their performance and bring their missions to fruition. His work spans the following areas:

  • VBC Transformations: Munzoor has led initiatives to reduce the total cost of care, improving margins by 6.5% to 12+% delivering NPV projects of over $130M for private equity portfolios and health systems (Medicare, Medicaid and commercial lives). He did so by transforming clinical operations and creating a clinical and financial analytics platform. Additionally, he has created new revenue streams of $70M-$125M+ annually through risk-based contracts enabling health systems to realize their mission to serve key populations within their communities (for example, to serve behavioral health needs for high-risk populations in a community by integrating behavioral health with primary care).
  • Turn Around Health Systems: Munzoor has led NPV portfolios of $25M- $100M+ through operations and technology roadmap delivery.
  • Digital Transformation: Munzoor has delivered 3:1 to 6:1 ROI programs by creating new digital products for health systems (by extending EMR technology via mobile applications and through board/C-suite governance transformation).
  • Advanced Data Analytics and Health Equity: Munzoor is currently innovating solutions with targeted NPV of $500M+ through advanced clinical interventions, market access contracting, health equity analytics and social determinants of health for health plans, employer groups, and life sciences and biopharma firms.

Munzoor has developed a unique consulting methodology that is values driven, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Qualitatively, he invokes the mission and purpose of organizations to guide operations and sometimes needed disruption across board, C-suite and operations teams. Quantitatively, his program and project approach are designed to produce tangible outcomes and value generation from inception to implementation.

Prior to joining the Terry Group, he was an early leader at West Monroe Partners as employee #20, helping the firm grow from 20 to 1500+ people culminating in a transaction and investment by MSD Partners, L.P.. He built two practices, a private equity healthcare and a health system practice. He also founded the firm’s first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) council and brings his passion about DEI to health equity and health outcomes.

Munzoor earned his Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and his MBA from the Chicago Booth School of Business. He is an active leader in the non-profit community, serving on the board of Heartland Alliance Health and as founder of Bangladesh6G.