We provide the financial, analytical, and clinical expertise necessary to develop collaborative strategies for managing risk, cost, and quality for all healthcare industry stakeholders.

Providers, Payers, Employers, Communities

Our healthcare delivery system is in the midst of a necessary, challenging and exciting transition.

Providers are assuming more risk. The transition toward value-based care is not straightforward; it demands greater collaboration among financial management, clinical resources, quality experts and technological systems.

Payers are working to develop sustainable financial arrangements that reduce cost while improving the quality of care.

Employers are empowering their employees with tools and services that help encourage healthy behavior, prevent disease, and improve the outcomes of provider encounters.

Communities are struggling with a host of health issues including those associated with diabetes, opioid addiction, mental health, and access to care.

The Terry Group understands these challenges and how they are interconnected.

Workable and sustainable solutions to any healthcare problem demand an understanding of the different perspectives of various stakeholders.

Providers are seeking to evolve their cultures so that contract performance monitoring and related risk mitigation are a reflection of an effective integration of financial and clinical objectives.

Payers are seeking provider reimbursement contracts and incentives that encourage appropriate financial and quality progress.

Employers are considering new innovative programs that produce measurable results while responding to the needs of their employees and the community.

The Terry Group is a diverse group of multidisciplinary experts that helps clients meet their objectives in this complex environment.

Our team has deep experience across the healthcare stakeholder spectrum, providing a unique perspective not found in other consulting firms. We work with healthcare systems, physician organizations, accountable care organizations, health insurers, large self-insured employers, health industry vendors, and governmental entities.

We have expertise in value-based programs, provider-payer collaboration, clinical integration, employee benefit plans, risk management, and predictive analytics.

We develop and price healthcare products, including commercial group and individual, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid plans.

We certify healthcare liabilities and the solvency of risk-based organizations and evaluate insurance exchanges.

We develop population health analytics that identify challenges as the first step to improving the quality of care.

With this expertise we partner with our clients to help them develop and refine their business strategies, and to help them realize their strategies through effective implementation.

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